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Organisation Services

Unleashing your Talent to Drive your Results


We cover all levels of leadership.

  • Self Leadership (Productivity)

  • Leading Others (Operational) 

  • Leading Leaders (Strategic) 

  • Leading the Organisation (Executives) 


We cover all types of sales training.

  • B2C - Business to Consumer. Retail sales.

  • B2B - Business to Business. Consultative Selling.

  • Sales Leadership


There are three main types of resilience that work together to help us overcome challenges. We have a wholistic program that looks at Physical, Mental and Emotional Resilience

Team Dynamics

We facilitate the 5 Behaviours of a High Preforming Team, based on Patrick Lencioni's work on the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. 

Understanding Differences

Through the use of profiling tools like DiSC and MBTI we can facilitate  a workshop that help create an inclusive work environment through:

  • Understand themselves better.

  • Understand others.

  • Develop effective ways to leverage and embrace differences in the workplace.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to present face to face or online with impact. The workshop covers:

  • Plan - how to craft your presentation message to inform and/or influence.

  • Prepare - how to create presentation aids to support the presenter and for your audience.

  • Present - how to present yourself with confidence and credibility.

Customer Management

We focus on both external and internal customer Management.

  • Customer Loyalty - Retail focus on how to build customers for life.

  • Stakeholder Engagement - Internal customer focus on helping your internal customers succeed.

Time Management

We help you manage your time more effectively by providing you principles and concepts that help you make good decisions around prioritising your time as well as managing your technology in a way that is aligned to your priorities.

Change Management

We provide you with a model of change and how to leverage this model in order to develop strategies to effectively navigate yourself or your team through change.

Virtual Facilitation Skills

Facilitating In Person is different in many ways to delivering via a Virtual Learning Platform. This workshop is not about platforms, it is about the skills needed to engage, re-engage and create effective online learning environments.

Values In Action

Translating your Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values into action. This workshop helps you covert values into understandable and implementable behaviours.

Key Notes

Lindsay Bridger is available for events to deliver customised mini versions or key note presentations on any of the training areas supported by Bridging Performance.

Additional Service's 

Performance Coaching

We provide the option for individual or small group coaching sessions that can be added to the workshop or over the learning journey.


We can provide the  administering and debriefing of individual, team or organisation profiling using DiSC, MBTI or Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Tool. 

Competency | Framework Mapping

We can provide a range of Learning & Development Consulting, including mapping our content to your competencies or business frameworks.

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