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About Bridging Performance

We work directly with our clients and also offer our services to other Professional Training Organisations. We engage and partner with many types of businesses, from Sole Traders, Small to Medium Enterprise and Multinational Corporations.


We focus on a collaborative/partnership approach where we identify  challenges that are in the way of achieving priority goals or results. We then identify and address the capability gaps that can help resolve these issues to foster improved performance results.


Our solutions to address capability are designed to create impact and the implementation of what has been learnt to deliver key business results and behaviour change.

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Our History

Bridging Performance was founded by Lindsay Bridger in 2010. Lindsay’s dream was to create a business of her own where she could have a positive impact on how people work and live. Her background was Learning and Development and her passion, enabling others to be and achieve all the things that really mattered to them. Bridging Performance became the platform for her to live that passion through organisational capability development.

Our Values

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Stay ahead

Shaking Hands in the Office

Be our word

Dabbing in Water

Love what we do

Cheering Crowd

Have an Impact

Working from Home

Work | Life intergration

If you want to find out more about our services or the impact we can co-create reach out.

+61 414 779 559

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