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Supporting Your Career and Wellbeing

Students Taking Note

Learning Modules

We can help you and your career by providing knowledge and skills training one on one, to enhance your capability. This could support you in your current role or prepare you for a change in role or promotion.

Leadership | Sales | Resilience | Teamwork | Understanding Your Strengths | Presenting | Time Management | Dealing with Change | Facilitation Skills

Performance Coaching

We can provide one on one performance coaching sessions. These sessions are focused on helping you get the skills and results you want to achieve to support your goals or career aspirations. 


Initial consultation is free and is to determine your goals or results you are looking for and to evaluate coaching fit. If the decision is to move forward there is a minimum of 6 session initally.



We can help you to understand your preferred working and interpersonal style through profiling tools like DiSC and MBTI. These tools help you communicate, deal with conflict and understand differences between yours and others working preferences.

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