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Vision Mission Values - Purpose

Defining your vision, mission and values as an organisation, division or team is important in providing clarity, purpose, and expected behaviours of people who are part of or intend to join you. This workshop can be customised to suit at an organisational or business level, a department or converted into a team purpose and vision workshop.

Research is showing that today's modern worker needs more than just a job description and salary when deciding on working for an organisation. They are looking for purpose and meaning to what they do each day and want to make a contribution or have an impact on that purpose. Modern workers are also looking to organisations whose values and culture are a reflection and expression of who they see themselves to be. If you are experiencing any of the challenges below, then performance improvement could be gained from this type of workshop.

  • You have no defined vision, mission, values or clear purpose in your organisation or team!
  • You are finding it hard to recruit the right talent!
  • ou are finding it hard to keep good talent!
  • Your team lacks direction, meaning or engagement!

Target: Executives, HR professionals, L&D Managers, Team Leaders, Managers, Leaders

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