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Ben Sullivan

GM Operations Resources & Industrial


Lindsay provided sales management training on an individual, as well as in a team environment.

In the team environment Lindsay was an engaging presenter who was able to share the sales management theory and facilitate great discussion amongst a diverse team. She was able to engage and challenge all of the team throughout her sessions and was rated highly as a result of her professional delivery.

One a one-to-one basis Lindsay provided structured sessions that leveraged her strong understanding and application of Solution Selling and account sales strategy. She was able to work in a very collaborative way that enabled the learning of new theory and skills. During each session there was also a discussion path to link the theory to current sales growth opportunities. The mix of new learning and feedback on sales opportunities provided great results over the period.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lindsay to assist others in their sales management training.

Mark Eisentrager

Commercial and Development Manager


Lindsay is fantastic to work with, she worked to understand our organisation and communicated honestly the opportunities she saw within our business culture and standards.

 I was always in awe of Lindsay's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages.

 I am happy to recommend Lindsay and would only be too happy to work with her again

David Smulders

Business Manager: Advanced Solutions

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology

I had the great pleasure of recently attending a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was a three day training course facilitated by Lindsay at our offices.

I was in awe of her ability to get everyone involved and inspired by her ability to bring the content to life. I have worked directly and indirectly with most of the colleagues who attended and I was amazed how Lindsay managed to motivate them to step outside of their comfort zone, and more importantly me from mine!

Lindsay is enthusiastic, exceptionally well versed and definitely someone whom I have met that has left an infinite lasting impression.

If you want to get a message across to your team, or more importantly yourself, challenge Lindsay to work with you. I am confident that Lindsay will step up to the plate.


Bennet Aladin

Account Manager

New Horizon's Brisbane

The training that Lindsay provided me has been useful to every role I have worked in, she was able to integrate interactive exercises into training and excelled at sharing knowledge, skills and expertise and she actively participated in department/organisation performance improvement activities as if she was part of our office..

She brings a level of industry experience that allows her to tailor the training to suit the current market. I can say with out a doubt that her training directly influenced my best months for sales performance.

Her primary focus is to partner with clients and their employees, using the depth and breadth of her expertise and market knowledge to ensure that teams and organizations not only meet targets but develop a culture to excel and succeed.

Dave Parker

Resource Supervisor

Essential Energy

Lindsay is a fantastic facilitator who is truly engaging. I was inspired by Lindsay's energetic and innovative delivery of our program and it has had a lasting impact.

As a Coach and Mentor, Lindsay has continued to support my development over the years. If you are wanting to deliver something special to your team, with lasting impact and value, I highly recommend that you make contact with Lindsay.


Adam Benz

Communication Solutions Specialist

SkyNet Satellite Communications

Lindsay has provided coaching and mentoring services for the last two companies I've worked for and during this time has proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for me - not just professionally - I've been able to apply many of these principles across personal facets of my life as well.

I look forward to many more sessions with Lindsay in future and highly recommend Lindsay and Bridging Performance to any organisation where people are at the heart of the company.

Lindsay's 'Kit-Bag' of knowledge and resources appears to know no bounds!

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