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Bridging Performance

Bridging The Gap

Service Excellence

Customer Service is a critical part of all businesses, whether serving internal or external customers. We focus on developing workshops that are around creating a "service mindset" that builds and develops a teams or organisations service culture.

The focus of the workshops is to provide a framework, principles and thinking that allows a person to understand how to bring "service value" to any customer in order to bring delight and loyalty not just satisfaction.

1 Course is available and is described below:

Customer Service That Adds Value

If you are seeing declining customer satisfaction or loyalty in your organisation or with your team, or any of the challenges listed below, then performance improvement can be gained by this workshop. It provides a common language and framework to truly assess your levels of customer satisfaction and ways to develop a "service mindset", that is a way that a person thinks that is truly driven to provide a valued and delighting experience. It looks at strategies to lift service experiences and can focus on external customers, internal customers or both.

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