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Bridging Performance

Bridging The Gap

Personal Effectiveness

Programs designed to help individuals increase their own capability and performance in their role, career and personal life. They focus on providing principles, skills, tools designed to help people to become more proactive, productive and focused on the activity that truly matters to them, their team and the organisation. It is about lifting your own capability to new levels to maximise your potential and career path.

4 Courses are available and described below:

Personal Productivity - Time Management

If you feel like you don't have enough time or are feeling like the important things are just getting left behind, then performance improvement can be gained by this workshop. This workshop is about effectively managing your time to get maximum value and output. It is a practical tool driven course designed to teach you principles and skills to get control of your time and your technology to increase your productivity. 

Personal Achievement - Goal Setting

If you find it challenging to set and achieve key goals and milestones and it is impacting your achievement, success and career, then performance improvement can be gained by this workshop. This workshop provides a framework on how to set, progress and achieve major goals in your work and personal life. It also provides ways to help you stick to them.

Presenting With Impact

Presenting is something that a majority of people find difficult. This workshop provides you with practical strategies to design and deliver any kind of presentation you could be asked to give (sales, a business case, product launch, speech, team or department meeting just as a few examples).

Performance Coaching - Strategic 1 on 1

Performance Coaching is coaching and practical support designed to help you develop and fine tune your skills in specifically identified areas to lift performance.

It is usually done one on one as a way to support implementation of training concepts from a workshop, or it can be done prior to a workshop to help identify strength and opportunity areas. It can also be done as small groups working through the same focus areas. If you are looking to have some targeted time on areas you are wanting to strengthen then performance improvement can be gained by performance coaching.

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