Enabling Businesses to "Bridge the Gap"

Bridging Performance

Bridging The Gap

Performance Management

If you, your team or your organisation are having any of the challenges listed below, then performance improvement can be gained by this workshop. This workshop is designed to help leaders understand all the aspects of performance management, from underperformance to high achievers. How to have powerful coaching and development conversations that create a performance culture and succession planning.

  • I have team members that are performing or behaving below what is required in their role!
  • I have team members that need to be performance managed!
  • I am not sure how to develop my team to their next level of performance!
  • I am not having or utilising my 1 on 1 with each team member to lift their performance!
  • My team members struggle with their development plans!
  • I don't have a succession plan in place for me or the team!

Target: Leaders, Managers, All levels

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