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Bridging Performance

Bridging The Gap

Other Services

Bridging Performance can offer the following additional services.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is coaching and practical support designed to help you develop and fine tune your skills in specifically identified areas to lift performance.

It is usually done one on one as a way to support implementation of training concepts from a workshop, or it can be done prior to a workshop to help identify strength and opportunity areas. It can also be done as small groups working through the same focus areas.

Profiling and Assessments

Bridging Performance is able to conduct assessment surveys to help identify strengths and gaps within teams or organisations. It also is able to provide personality profiling to support training initiatives and coaching.


Bridging Performance can come to your business and provide expert advice in the areas of sales and learning and development.

They can assist with things like  training needs analysis, business improvement and sales skill assessment.

Facilitator and Designer for Hire

If you are another training organisation and are looking for an additional pair of hands to facilitate your workshops or to design some course content. You can rely on Bridging Performance to support you under your brand as a consultant into your business.

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