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Key Note Presentations

Lindsay Bridger the Director of Bridging Performance has conducted many Key Note Presentations on a variety of different topics.

Although engaging and inspiring Lindsay doesn't see herself as a motivational speaker. She defines herself as an "ENABLER" with a talent for getting people to think about a topic in ways that get attention, consideration and action.

Her key notes inform, enable and provide tools and insights that can be immediately applied by those attending an event.

Lindsay can present on any topics covered in the Bridging Performance portfolio as well as a range of other topics. This list below gives some examples of previous key notes she has delivered as a guideline however, contact us for a discussion around your own specific event needs or topics. Also scroll down to see a list of other Key Note topic ideas.

Previous Key Notes:

Time Management: Getting back into the drivers seat

Goal Setting: Achieve what is important

Leadership: Navigating your way in the 21st Century

Change Management: Riding the wave of change

Technology: Rule your Technology, Don't let it rule you

Technology: Technology Addiction - Has it gone too far!

Trust: Building Your Credibility

Other Key Note Ideas

Consultative Selling

  • Social Media - How to drive leads and build relationships
  • Sales Management - The critical factor to sales success
  • Sales Meetings - Biggest Opportunity or Biggest Time Waster!

Leadership Empowerment

  • Creative Leadership - The next competitive advantage
  • Generational Differences - How to leverage them

Personal Effectiveness

  • Time Management Tips - Getting back into the drivers seat
  • Stand Out - How to differentiate yourself 
  • Presenting with Impact - How it can make or break your career
  • Work Life Balance can be yours!
  • Focus: How to achieve amidst all the distractions 

Service Excellence

  • How to lift your level of service
  • Why is Loyalty a more important measure than satisfaction 
  • Strategy & Execution

  • Why most strategys fail
  • 4 Tips to achieving your strategic imperatives
  • Riding the wave of change
  • Why is purpose so important for the modern worker
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