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Change Management

Change is something we live with every day. Yet many organisations struggle to manage the change process effectively. No matter if it is a small change or large change initiative, supporting your people and leaders through the change is critical to riding the wave of change more effectively and quickly. If you are experiencing any of the challenges below or are looking to avoid these challenges as you embark on change this workshop could bring performance improvement gains.

The workshop helps people and leaders to understand the process or steps to change and provides tools and strategies to help them work through each step of the change process. It also help people to understand the stages of the change cycle and how to move themselves or their teams through this cycle. It creates "readiness" to change, tools to support the change while it is in progress and methods to help reinforce the change to make it stick.

  • My team is resistant to change!
  • I need to implement a change and I am not sure the best way!
  • I feel overwhelmed in dealing with the changes I am experiencing!

Target: Executives, HR Professionals, Leaders and Managers, Individuals

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