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Bridging Performance

Bridging The Gap

About Bridging Performance

Bridging Performance started in 2010 by Lindsay Bridger who is the current Director of the business. Lindsay developed it as a way of fulfilling her own mission - to enable people to be their potential through capability development. Lindsay is passionate about creating a business that provides people, teams and organisations with a learning environment that promotes learning in a way that creates a real desire in people and teams to stretch themselves to new levels of performance.

Thus Bridging Performance defines itself as a consulting company that specialises in people performance and capability. The key focus of our business is on bridging the gap in people performance to move individuals, teams and organisations from where they are now, to where they want to be. We achieve this through designing, delivering and following up on customised or off the shelf training workshops and initiatives. We work with Sole Traders, Small to Medium Enterprise and Multinational Corporations.

We focus on a collaborative/partnership approach where we identify challenges that are in the way of achieving priority goals or results. We then identify and address the capability gaps that can help resolve these issues to foster improved performance results. Our solutions to address capability are designed to create impact and the implementation/execution of what has been learnt.

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